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Graphic Design Company Melbourne: Branding is an important part of your business, having the most attractive and memorable logo, business cards, and printing materials can make all the difference in your success. Whether it’s a home-based business or a large corporation, branding provide your business with better credibility, high recognition and your means as a marketing tool.

With over 10 years industry experience in graphic design and branding, as a graphic design company based in Melbourne with our boutique dedicated graphic designers, we will give you all the tools you need for success.

Why Choose Us Over Other Graphic Design Companies in Melbourne

Comparing with other graphic design companies in Melbourne and around Australia we are influential thinkers and doers who have a contribute experience of 17 years.

Graphic Design Services

Our services can include:

  • Logo design
  • Business cards
  • Promotional print materials e.g. flyers to pamphlets
  • Product design
  • $500
  • Logo design from $500 with 4 revisions.
    5 unique design

Graphic Design Melbourne

Graphic Design Melbourne

We are your new, young and energetic graphic design company in Melbourne who will blow your mind with creativity and ideas for our new business logo design or logo redesign. Our graphic design services are adept and yet tailored towards small to medium business with affordability in mind.

Graphic Designer Melbourne

Graphic Designer Melbourne

Our graphic designer in Melbourne have over 10 years commercial experience and have worked with big brands around the world. Your business branding is so essential that we make sure your design is what makes you, you.

Choose the right graphic designers

Choosing the Right Graphic Designers

If you work by yourself or with a small team, probably you don’t have graphic designers on your side. In these cases, when this kind of work is required, everybody goes online looking for professionals in the area. But, it’s more complex than that.

The person in charge of this task must consider several factors before hiring. These factors will be determinant in order to get the desired outcome. Most of them directly depends on the needs of the clients. Need to know that for those looking for graphic designers, Melbourne is a great place to consider.

Let’s take a quick look.

Professional Background and Portfolio

Probably this is one of the most important factors to check before hiring a graphic designer. It doesn’t matter his/her/its professional status online, the available portfolio will show the capacities and skills. You will be able to see the previous pieces of work and know for sure if the style suits you.

Most professionals and agencies have their portfolios published online. Others have it stored in private, but always available for interested clients. If a graphic designer denies to show you a portfolio with silly excuses, no confidence should be put on him.

Remote or Local?

This factor is highly dependent of your needs. A freelance graphic designer could work as a remote worker thanks to all the tools offered by Internet. For some clients, this is an advantage. But, there are other that remain skeptical about it.

Hiring a local agency or professional could be more difficult and expensive. Your choices are greatly reduced by geographic reasons. But, for Australian clients wanting to work with a local graphic designer, Melbourne is a great place of start. The high supply of creative professional in this area is surprising. Also, several reputable agencies are operating in the city, willing to work with demanding clients.

A Consolidated Agency or a Flexible Freelancer?

Choosing between an agency and a freelancer could be a tough task. In fact, it should be a difficult decision because both professional entities provide a wide array of benefits. Agencies have the most solid backgrounds in the industry. They offer a unique guarantee of quality, mainly because they are a consolidated business. As a client, you will probably feel more secure with an agency.

By the other side, a freelancing graphic designer will have a lower price without having an impact on the quality of the final product. They do not have all the legal and labor obligations that a company has, so the final price will be always lower. Besides this, freelance professionals are more flexible and could be interested in a long-term relationship with your team.

Prices: Lower isn’t Better

If you work alone or have a small team of professionals, you will could be looking for the cheaper option. You probably can’t afford world-class professionals for your marketing campaigns and all the creative process involved. You should stick with the basics due their accessible prices. But don’t fall in this trap.

When a graphic designer quote you for a project and you see a really low price in exchange of his services, go away. When someone does something good, they don’t do it for free. That’s a reality. Behind a low price, there is a crappy outcome and a below-average effort to excel. You should look for a rational price without falling in extremely cheap services. In the long-term, you will thank for it.

The Bottom Line

This factors will be highly useful if you want to get the best service available. Hiring a professional in this area is always difficult, but you don’t need to spend months in the task.

Take a close look to the facts and make a smart choice. Also, notice that if you are looking a local professional of the graphic design, Melbourne is one of the best alternatives you have.