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SEO Training Melbourne

Join us and meet new people who are looking for SEO training and SEO course in Melbourne to increase their knowledge and insights to use for their website.

Our short SEO training course is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs  who are new to SEO and wanting to learn the basics of SEO to implement on their website to increase organic traffic.

This simple class is for people looking to bounce ideas from one another in a sharing environment. We are also available for one on one SEO training to solely focus on our existing website. You will be with Nep Thach, a local SEO expert.

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What You Will Learn from Our SEO Training in Melbourne

SEO Courses Melbourne

During our SEO training and course, you will learn to spend time on keywords research that will benefit your SEO website. One of the most important stages for SEO strategy because you can choose the right keyword groups to implement your SEO campaign. The monthly search data will help us determine which group of keywords has high competition and the best keyword phrases you should focus your time on.

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From the list of keywords from our research, we will look into on-page optimisation. The SEO short course will provide you with knowledge and skills to place your keywords into your website for SEO.

We will look into:

  • Page titles
  • Headings
  • Image tags
  • Link

What others have to say about my 2 hour SEO class

Melbourne SEO Short Course

“It has made it a lot clearer in my head what AdWords are all about and how to go about changing them. I’m trying not to get too daunted by the task ahead!”


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Hello, my name is Nep Thach a founder of Neptune Design, I have a diploma in graphics and multimedia and over seven years experience in graphic and web design industry.

I have strong technical skills from working with two website design agencies; Melbourne and Nelson, NZL.

I love the digital world – we live in it every morning, afternoon and evening. It’s a glorious world to be alive.

My passion resides in graphic and web design for over seven years. However, in recent years my interests have expanded into digital marketing, teaching, training and drone photography.

Every day I like to think I discover something new and continue to gain in personal and professional development – I cherish learning new skills and mastering it.

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