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Is your website mobile friendly?

Let us update your website and make it mobile friendly.

Keep your customers and attract new ones, go mobile friendly today!

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is your business listed on Google

Is your business listed on Google?

Let us help you navigate this step and increase your brand exposure/online presence.

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Increase your brand awareness with Google

Increase your brand awareness with Google search engine and Pay Per Click services to boost organic traffic and generating new leads.

Want to see your business website on the front page of Google when users are searching for your products and services?

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Learn how we helped a local business in Epping dominate on Google in Melbourne & Sydney. Read about our case studies.

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Neptune Design is Local, Reliable and Timely

We are based in Heidelberg West in Melbourne's inner North. All our work is done here onsite. If you are in the market for a new website, website maintenance/update, online marketing or logo design, you are at the right place.

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Affordable Freelance Web Designer in Melbourne

My name is Nep Thach, and I am a freelance web designer in Melbourne providing affordable web design – your affordable website designer.

Also the lead web designer for the Jim’s Group in Melbourne since 2012. Since coming onboard I have already helped the group increase their online presence which has increased their leads significantly.

To date, I have redesigned the websites for Jim’s Dog Wash, Jim’s Solar, Jim’s Mowing and built Jim’s Shade Sails from scratch. I also made them mobile friendly as today’s online culture is constantly on the move and searching via mobile devices. It is critical that you target your demographic in order to increase your leads and grow your business.

With over 7 years experience in website design and based in Melbourne, I guarantee that I can produce you a higher standard of results for your online business.

I work with CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and the Magento E-commerce system.

My goal is to make your website easy to use for your customers which will provide a better call to action and reduce your bounce rate. Not only will this help you convert more leads but significantly increase your online credibility!

If you want a Website designed that really works for your business then, contact me today and get started from only $399. Can you afford not too?

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It is a must to get your business online in today’s market. Whether you are a new business or been a around for decades you need an online presence.

Finding the right web designer Melbourne can be daunting and costly. I am an affordable freelance web designer based in Melbourne, web design that is cheap and professional. My price are tailored to help you save costs for your business. I am one of the cheapest and best when it comes to website design prices.

If you are looking to hire a big web designer company in Melbourne then you are wasting your time and monies. The overhead costs margin is the price your business has to pay. Web design companies will charge you a minimum of $4k for a simple 5 page website.

Website Designer in Melbourne

With a freelance web designer in Melbourne you can guarantee better quality work that is way cheaper then any website design company. I don’t charge for any overhead accept for my time developing the website. I built websites that generate leads for your business, that will work 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you cannot afford a whole package website design for business. That’s OK because I can give you a 1 page website designer Melbourne for only $299. This 1 page web design are custom designed for your business. You can provide your customers with relevant information about your business and how to find you on the map.

With my 1 page website, you can guarantee this will be up and running in 7 days. Provided that all information are given. I will help you from scratch, purchasing your domain and sorting out your Web hosting. Contact the freelance web designer Melbourne today for more information! Call 9411 516 787 or send an enquiry to nep@neptunedesign.com.au

There’s a lot of effect goes into designing your website to get it right the first time around. I want to make sure that you are happy with the design that represents you as a business.

For the best and affordable price web designer Melbourne can offer why think twice?

Professional Website Designer in Melbourne

Working with a freelance web designer Melbourne will have its benefits for your business. My hourly rate for support and maintenance are way cheaper then a web design company. My rate is $60 per hour, I can help you maintained your website, build and send newsletter to creating a call to action landing page.

Do you need to set up your business with Google business? It is recommended that you do this for your business so you can found on Google maps, search and Google+. Web designer Melbourne will help and guide you to take over the online marketing that is Google.

Freelance web designer can also help you to built and design your business cards at an affordable rate. Need a brochure done? Not a problem, we can help brand your business and help refresh you look and feel. Talk to the web designer Melbourne today.

Visit my Google+ page – google.com/+NeptunedesignAuMelbourne