Google Adwords Management Melbourne

Google Adwords Management Melbourne

Neptune Design can provide ongoing Google Adwords management, account management services in Melbourne and Australia wide. We also provide Adwords consulting by closely looking into your campaigns to find improvements which will help reduce your cost per clicks and increase conversions – all for a better return on your investment.

Google Adwords can easily be set up by anyone but not knowing how to cut costs and understanding how you can convert more leads can be your downfall if you enjoy throwing away your hard earned cash that is. The price you pay is a hefty one when using Adwords in the wrong way.

Adwords Keywords Research

Adwords Keywwords Research

We will carefully look into your business and understand what keywords are relevant, which will tell us how popular each phrase can be and the number of incoming traffic will be visiting your website.

We will be looking into Geo-location targeting within your campaigns, and this will let us focus on areas that you like to generate new leads e.g. Melbourne or Sydney.

Design New Landing Page(s)

One of the biggest mistakes most Adwords experts are doing is sending your campaigns to the homepage. Why is this bad? Because your homepage is full of information with millions of links and distractions that could lead your potential customer to get sidetrack.

Depending on your goals for the campaigns whether you want more newsletter sign up or new enquiries – our custom web design Melbourne will craft up a highly converted landing page to get the results without the distractions and get straight to the point!

Adwords Management Success!

We have work with Australia’s biggest brands such as Jim’s Cleaning and Jim’s Shade Sails to help convert and generate work leads. Our recent Adwords management campaign we took on is Jim’s Shade Sails.

What we done for Jim’s Shade Sails landing page

What we have done is generate new landing websites to only display the necessary services and free quote on every page for their convenience. We also remove all the irrelevant information such as “About Us, Contact Us, Media to Franchise Enquiries”.

Adwords Managing Services in Melbourne

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Keeping Cost Per Click Low with Adwords

Our goal as your Adwords manager is to help reduce the cost per click down as much as possible by carefully crafting relevant ads and active content on the landing page(s). Most important we keep track of conversions, so your business can measure your ROI.